Country Guides - Spain


Spain is by far the most popular destination for British holidaymakers. Its large size, with mainland and islands, means that it offers widely diverse experiences and therefore caters for a broad range of interests. Its many seaside resorts and remarkable inland cities, its mountains and its islands, have contributed to its continual growth in popularity since the birth of the cheap package holiday. Having so many options, it is easy to find a cheap Spain holiday to match your particular needs.

The Balearic Islands lie off Spain's east coast in the Mediterranean. Each of the main islands have their own particular atmosphere, but all are scenically beautiful and provide good accommodation with high levels of service. Travel south into the Atlantic until you reach the West coast of North Africa and you'll arrive at the Canary Islands. These islands enjoy year round sunshine and attract many winter tourists.

Cheap Spain holidays attract the old and the young, teenage families and those with toddlers, golfers and water sports enthusiasts. They attract the active and the sedentary, as well as those seeking a romantic break and those wishing to party through the night. Cheap Spain holidays cover all angles and have great success in making everyone happy.

A major advantage of cheap Spain holidays is the short flight time and the fact that flights are available from a whole raft of regional airports. Since most transfers are fairly short, you can be on the beach in next to no time.

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