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February Holidays!

Where's hot in February

February may be a short month and the days may be lengthening but it can certainly be cold and bleak and thoughts may begin to wander in the direction of holidays. More specifically, to holidays in the sun. Even a few days respite can make a huge difference. So where can you find a guarantee of sunshine. If you want to avoid long haul, the options are fairly limited as even southern Europe is still on the cool side. The Canary Islands enjoy mild winters and you can have long hours of sunshine. At this time of year, it may not be “sun bathing on the beach” weather but it will nevertheless be pleasant. Similarly Tunisia and Morocco have temperatures in the low twenties. Egypt's Red Sea resorts are very popular at this time. With the mercury rising into the high twenties the conditions are perfect for a winter seaside break. You can reach Egypt in a little under five hours.

If you wish to avoid jet lag and are prepared to travel a little further afield, why not try Gambia or the Cape Verde Islands. You'll find plenty of sunshine and great amenities in both destinations.

Long haul flights open up the world with destinations to the south, the east and the west. Transatlantic flights bring you to the very popular Caribbean Islands, to Florida, Mexico and to South America. If all you want to do is chill out on soft sands and bathe in warm waters, you really are spoilt for choice. To the east you can visit the shores of Goa or Thailand, the Maldives or the Seychelles.

If you are just looking for a change of scene and not particularly bothered about sunshine, February is a great month for skiing in Europe and if you avoid the half term break, you'll find some cheap ski holiday deals. St Valentine's day is a good excuse for a city break and there are numerous romantic cities in Europe. It doesn't have to be Paris.

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