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January Holidays

Where's hot in January

January is always a bit of a let down, an anticlimax. The lights are switched off, decorations are back in the loft, Christmas celebrations are becoming a distant memory, the days are short and dark and spring seems a long way off. It is no surprise that thoughts turn to holidays in the sun. You feel you can't possibly wait until the summer, so where is hot in January? Europe, even in the south, remains cool at the turn of the year so you'll need to travel further afield. If you wish to avoid a long haul flight, you'll find perfectly acceptable temperatures in the Canary Islands. Though it may not be beach weather, you'll enjoy blue skies and long hours of sunshine with temperatures around twenty degrees. A slightly longer flight will take you to the Red Sea resorts in Egypt where the mercury rises into the mid twenties and you can certainly enjoy the beach. Since this is a extra little indulgence, a trip that will tide you over to your main vacation, you'll be looking for a cheap sun holiday. Our price comparison site will save you the tedious task of finding the best deal. Simply enter your dates, your point of departure and your destination into our search engine and, within a matter of seconds, we'll find you the sun holiday that gives the best value for money.

If you decide to travel long haul, you greatly increase your choices. If you wish to stay in the same time Zone, or one where there is little difference, Africa is a good choice. Gambia is a popular destination for those seeking a beach holiday with a guarantee of sunshine, as is Cape Verde. Safaris to Kenya or to the National Game Reserves in South Africa will certainly blow away the January blues. Across the Atlantic, the Caribbean beckons. With cloudless skies, warm seas and the best of beaches you can live your desert island dream. Check out our site for your best value winter sun holiday. With over three dozen travel companies all competing for your booking you are assured of a good deal. As offers change daily, to avoid disappointment, book today.