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Maldives holidays take you to a romantic destination less than three hundred miles from the coast of India. After a journey of a little over ten hours you arrive at an archipelago of over a thousand coral islands the vast majority of which are uninhabited. The atolls are an amazing sight from the air. Dotted about in this vast ocean, they are an oasis of green edged by white and varying shades of blue. Close to, the swaying palms and sun bleached sands are the quintessential features of every castaway's tropical island. If you are looking for a dreamy, romantic destination, a cheap Maldives holiday may be just the ticket. With little else to do other than relax, eat, drink and perhaps a little snorkelling and diving, the Maldives are a perfect choice for those seeking respite from busy lives, or for honeymooners looking for a taste of paradise. Even though the hotels offer luxurious levels of comfort and service, at the Sandy Dunes Holidays price comparison site we can find you the company that offers the lowest price.

Having said that you may want to do a spot of snorkelling and diving, it would be a shame if you missed the remarkable diversity of marine life in the fertile coral reefs. There are over a thousand varieties of fish as well as several types of turtles and crustaceans, whales and dolphins, molluscs and over a hundred types of coral.

If you find the thought of sipping cocktails on palm-fringed beaches tempting, use, our price comparison site, to find the best deal. The climate is tropical monsoon with the driest period being from December until April. The temperatures are, of course, high throughout the year. In the dry months they lie around thirty degrees rising from low to mid thirties later in the year.

If you find the task of scouring the internet for the cheapest option, more than a little daunting, use our simple search facility that will quickly find you the Maldives holiday that gives you the best value for money. As a price comparison site we bring you offers from over three dozen travel companies, including some of the market leaders, who are all competing for your custom. This competition inevitably leads to great bargain holidays. As the very best offers change daily, don't delay, ring and book today. Check out our Maldives holidays 2019. You'll also find the cheapest school holiday deals on our site.


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