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Gambia holidays take you to an extremely small nation, once a British colony, on the west coast of Africa. The country lies along the river Gambia for a distance of three hundred miles and its width is roughly twenty miles. Only six hours from home, with no significant time difference and with English spoken, cheap Gambia holidays have great appeal. It has a benevolent climate with long hours of daily sunshine throughout the year. Even in the rainy season, from June to October, temperatures remain around thirty and the sub tropical rains which fall as heavy showers are soon dried up by the hot sun.

Cheap Gambia holidays are ideal for those looking for a seaside break where relaxation is the order of the day. The people are friendly and helpful but the pace of life is slow, so be patient if service seems a little tardy. Accommodation reaches high standards with the all-inclusive hotels offering great value for money. Local cuisine is a delicious blend of spices with chicken and fish as the main source of protein and exotic fruits abound. International foods are widely available. Nightlife is mainly low key and hotel based.

The beaches are Gambia's main attraction. Do remember that they are washed, and sometimes battered, by the Atlantic Ocean. Conditions are ideal for surfers but bathers need to take care. Kotu is the busiest resort but even so, there is no obvious overcrowding as you would expect to find in a popular European resort. For a peaceful hideaway, choose the likes of Bijilo. Away from the beach, you can enjoy an interesting trip up river to visit traditional villages and encounter wildlife. Those who enjoy shopping can visits the markets of the capital Banjul.

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