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The United States of America offers so many different holiday experiences that it is impossible to describe them all. Firstly, you need to decide how you want to spend your time. Do you want to visit cities, explore National Parks, relax on a beach or visit theme parks, be on the east or the west coast. Do you have a particular penchant for the vibrant colours of a New England fall, or perhaps the snowy mountains in the Rockies. With mountain ranges and arid plains, large lakes, rivers and waterfalls, vibrant cities and small homespun communities, theme parks and zoos, museums and art galleries as well as shops galore, your feet may never hit the ground.

You can visit the USA at any time of year as being so large the climate of the northern states is varies considerably from the south. Even in the depths of winter Florida is pleasantly warm whereas in the north there'll be several feet of snow and freezing temperatures.

New York city breaks are very popular as there is so much to see and do. The shopping experience is beyond compare and there numerous attractions, too many to mention.

If you have children you'll probably want the Disney experience and choose Florida as your destination. The area around Orlando has so many theme parks that you'll need at least two weeks to get round them all. And you may still not see it all. In the west, top of your list will be the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park. Las Vegas is another popular trip, not only for the casinos and the allure of huge jackpots, but for the shows and sporting events.

The USA prides itself in the quality of its accommodation which remains surprisingly cheap. There are hotels catering for all budgets. Whatever you fancy eating in America, you'll find a restaurant to satisfy. Since it was a country of immigrants, you'll find dishes from around the world. Having said that, although they do exist, there is a paucity of Indian restaurants. Shopping in America is taken to another level and seems to be a national pastime. With so many malls and outlets it is easy to exceed your baggage allowance which could be a costly mistake.

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