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A cheap Thassos holiday is ideal for those seeking a relaxing break where the sands are soft and the water clear and warm. They offer the perfect destination for families with children bearing buckets and spades as Thassas claims to have some of the best beaches in Greece. Couples of all ages come to enjoy the peace and tranquility that the island offers in abundance. Located close to the mainland and lying in the Aegean Sea, you are guaranteed wonderful summer weather with temperatures rising into the thirties. The season lasts from April to the end of October. Early and late season is ideal for those who want a more active holiday as walking and sightseeing is more enjoyable before the heat of the season's height. You can also pick up some great Thassos holiday bargains at these times. Take a look at the deals of the day on Sandy Dunes Holidays price comparison site.

Thassos is a very pretty island that is easy to explore. A coastal road gives access to the resorts and there is a good network of cycling and walking trails. The island, in common with much of Greece, has many interesting archeological sites. The principle town, Limenas, is great for shopping and if you are looking for lively evening entertainment, it is the place to be.


Thassos has a good range of accommodation catering for most budgets. When deciding on accommodation basis, take a look at the all-inclusive option. When travelling with children this may be the more cost effective choice as constant snacking can certainly leave a hole in your pocket and it is easy to go over budget.

Many regional airports have budget airlines offering direct flights to Thassos which lead to shorter journey times and cheaper costs. Check out our airport guide to destinations to find flights from your local airport.

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