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Kos is a Greek island which lies near the Turkish coast and guarantees unbroken sunshine throughout its summer season. With good sandy beaches and warm clear water, resorts to suit all age groups from families and couples to young singles, it is no surprise that cheap Kos holidays are very popular. Kos offers a good range of recreational facilities and tourist attractions.

With low cost airlines flying from many regional airports, getting to Kos is cheap and easy. Take an early flight and you can breakfast under leaden skies and bask in island sunshine over lunch. The season lasts from April until October with average temperatures rising into the low to mid thirties at the height of the season.

You'll find that standards of both accommodation and service are high. Don't dismiss the Kos all-inclusive holiday option as being too expensive. If you are travelling with ever-hungry and thirsty children, their nagging power can certainly increase your spending and it is easy to go over budget. Constant snacking can be expensive. You may find that a Kos all-inclusive holiday deals make economic sense. We will find you the Kos all-inclusive holiday at the lowest possible price.

Kos restaurants cater for all tastes with plenty of opportunities for those with conservative palates to order familiar foods. The island has plenty of shops and markets for necessities as well as gifts and souvenirs.

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