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Dubai holidays take you to a city in the United Arab Emirates that is like no other. With untold wealth, when it comes to opulence the development of the city is beyond compare. When money is endless you can build the world's tallest skyscraper, construct islands that are reclaimed from the sea or have superb golf courses in the desert. Dubai has the only seven star hotel in the world. No cheap deals there of course but do go and take a look. The five star hotels are in a class of their own as the word luxury doesn't really do them justice.

Dubai is a perfect winter destination as temperatures remain in the mid to high twenties. In summer they can rise to forty or above which for most visitors is a little uncomfortable. The main attractions of a Dubai holiday are its beaches, its amenities and its shops and markets. As a tax free city you can enjoy a little retail therapy without it putting too big a hole in your pocket.

Those seeking a break by the sea will be delighted by the long swathes of soft sand and the warm , shallow water. A variety of water sports are available and the coral reefs offshore are a favourite with divers and snorkellers. A visit to the water park is a must for children and adults alike as there are some very exciting flumes and slides. While visiting the water park, take a look at the Palm Jumeirah, a series of manmade islands that resemble the fronds of a palm tree.

With superb accommodation, a fantastic range of restaurants, and clubs for evening entertainment, Dubai holidays are sure to please.

A cheap Dubai holiday may seem an oxymoron but as you will find on the price comparison site, you can pick up a bargain break. With over three dozen travel companies vying for your custom, you are assured of good value. Enter your dates, and point of departure and within a matter of seconds we'll show you the deal of the day. All you need to do is make the call and book. Since offers change on a daily basis, don't delay.





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